Following in the Footsteps of Christ

We'd like to highlight this new book by C Arnold Snyder about Anabaptism.

From the back cover of Following in the Footsteps of Christ: the Anabaptist Tradition

The Church Today?: An analysis of what is and of what ought to be

by David Perry

A paper read to North Holderness Clergy Chapter in January 1976

Find an Anabaptist Network regional group near you!

You can now more easily find an Anabaptist Network regional group near you in the Anabaptist Network Regional Group listing.

If you are interested in starting a new regional group, please contact us and we can put you in touch with others in your area who might be interested.

Currently there is interest in starting new groups in Brighton and Manchester. If you live nearby and would like further information, please ask.

The Anabaptist Network and Congregations

On Saturday 2 October 2004 we have invited churches interested in a conversation about developing stronger links with the Anabaptist Network to send representatives to a consultation.

Further information is available on request.

How then shall we live?: Anabaptist lifestyle explored

The Anabaptist Network’s residential conference took place between Saturday 28 and Monday 30 May 2005. The venue was the same as for our previous residential conference (in 2002): the Community for Reconciliation’s conference centre at Barnes Close, near Birmingham. The conference was almost fully subscribed with a mixture of people who had been involved in the Network for several years and others for whom this was their first Network event.

Old Anabaptism Today Articles Posted

We have created a new section of the website dedicated to Anabaptism Today. This page includes a subject and author index for Anabaptism Today Issues 1-30.

The article archive includes selected articles from the past 12 years of publication.

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