Meeko Warriors - or Is it Possible to Change the World without Alienating Everyone?

by Alison Phelps

As unseasonably warm sunlight streams encouragingly (or should that be alarmingly?) through the window I reflect again on the hidden challenges of being serious about some of the Anabaptist Network's core convictions. I hadn't foreseen some of the stark dilemmas involved in balancing the simple sounding ‘good news to the poor' with ‘caring for creation', in juggling friendship and justice, mission and economics, family bonds and global warming.

Anabaptists Today: Watch the DVD free on-line

Anabaptism is not just a historical tradition but a source of inspiration for many Christians today. Available free on this website from June 2006 are segments from the video ‘Rediscovering Anabaptism’, in which British Christians reflect on the relevance of Anabaptist perspectives for Christian discipleship today. Click here to view these segments.

Pelagians, Donatists, Monks, Anabaptists and other Perfectionists

by Stuart Murray Williams

Labels and Insults

Violence, Christian Faith and the Legacy of Christendom

by Stuart Murray Williams

They were taken completely by surprise. None of them had ever imagined this might happen. They had no framework to understand it, no theology to interpret it and no time to reflect on it. And they were facing momentous choices and making decisions that would affect many future generations. Where was God in this unanticipated but maybe wonderful situation? How could they seize the opportunities that were opening up all around them? What should they do, and not do?

Drawn to Anabaptism: A Series of Articles

Specially commissioned for this website, a series of articles invites Christians from different traditions and denominations to tell their own story and explain why they have been drawn to the Anabaptist tradition.

Dirk Willems: Children's Version

Karen Stallard has produced a cartoon-style leaflet introducing to children and others the familiar story of Dirk Willems, a 16th-century Dutch Anabaptist.

There are four pages on each page so the pages needs to be folded into quarters to create a booklet.

You can download and print off this booklet here: The Illustrated Story of Dirk Willems (2pp, 612KB)

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