Youth Work After Christendom

In this extract from their new book, Jo and Nigel Pimlott take a close look at where youth work has come from and where it might be going in the future ….

On Leaving Government

This is the first chapter of: Faith and Politics after Christendom: the church as a movement for anarchy by Jonathan Bartley

‘I’m leaving the House of Commons to concentrate on politics.’1

It takes a Church to raise a Christian

Tod Bolsinger, Brazos Press, 2004
reviewed by Graham Old

Tod Bolsinger convincingly argues that there is a central truth that churches need to recover if they are to be the kind of communities that can form exceptional people: As God is, so the church should be. As God does, so the church should do. In fact, the way we live together affirms – as it expresses – the reality of God as Divine Communion.

An Anabaptist Lent?

by Vic Theissen

The season of Lent is upon us once again. Growing up in a Canadian Mennonite church, I heard nothing whatsoever about Lent and it is only in the last decade that I have encountered Christians (even some Anabaptists!) who take Lent seriously as a time of preparation for our commemoration of the death and resurrection of Jesus. Today, Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday are important in my calendar, and every year I consider what I can give up for the forty days between Ash Wednesday and Easter as I reflect on the last week of Jesus’ life.

Economical with the Truth: Swearing and Lying, An Anabaptist Perspective

by Alan and Eleanor Kreider
Schrag Lecture II, Messiah College, 1 March 2001

We’re going to talk about swearing. But not just any kind of swearing. Not swearing in the sense of saying naughty words, offensive words, off-colour words, words your mother wouldn’t approve of.

Tortured Wonders

Rodney Clapp, Brazos Press, 2005

By Gareth Higgins

In the church of my youth we often sang a song that anticipated a church made up of ‘dancers who dance upon injustice’ – a noble sentiment, to be sure, but not enough by itself to actually lead to real live, fleshed-out dancers actually doing any kind of two-step on the injustices that plague our world. It was all too easy to live our faith primarily in our hearts. It was entirely possible to turn up to church in gas-guzzling SUVs, and read

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