Centre for Anabaptist Studies Annual Lectures

The 2016 annual lecture of the Centre for Anabaptist Studies was held on Tuesday 22 November at 7.30pm, hosted by Bristol Baptist College. The lecturer was Dr Mary Raber, a Mennonite mission worker in Ukraine. A recording of this lecture is available on request. A poster is attached.

The 2017 annual lecture will be given by Dr Ian Randall on Tuesday 21 November at 7.30pm, hosted again by Bristol Baptist College. More details in due course.

Centre for Anabaptist Studies Block Weeks

CAS Block Weeks: are you interested?

The Centre for Anabaptist Studies is holding another block week at Bristol Baptist College on 24-28 April 2017. This module is an introduction to the life and writings of Pilgrim Marpeck. It forms part of the MA course offered by the Centre but can also be audited simply for interest.

The following block week on 22-26 May explores Menno Simons' book, 'The Foundation of Christian Doctrine'.

For more information, visit www.bristol-baptist.ac.uk. if you are interested, please contact anabaptist@bristol-baptist.ac.uk.

And They Shall Live Secure (Church and Peace Network)

On 29th October, the Quaker Meeting House, Birmingham will play host to this day of reflection and discussion hosted by the Church and Peace Network. It will look at what makes us secure, and what makes us insecure, and how our faith fits into this and how the churches can play a prophetic role in building true security in our region today.

For more information see the attached poster, on click on the link under 'upcoming events' to the right.

Relationships After Christendom

The eleventh book in the series, Relationships and Emotions after Christendom by Jeremy Thomson, one of the trustees of the Mennonite Trust, has now been published. It is priced at £14.99. You can pre-order a copy of this book via the contact us page

[img]http://www.anabaptistnetwork.com/images/RandEafter C.jpg[/img]


Anabaptism and Anarchy at Union Chapel, London 4 May

What is Anabaptism and what does it have to do with Anarchy?

Don't know anything about Anabaptism? Don't know anything about Anarchy? Come along and find out how the two are linked.

Lloyd K Pieterson from the Anabaptist Network will be speaking on the relevance of contemporary anarchism and how strands of Anabaptist thought can lead to an anarchist position.

The evening will include a discussion over a delicious meal cooked by The Margins Cafe, covered in the ticket price (£10 / £5).

With Dr Lloyd Pietersen, author of Reading the Bible after Christendom.

Inter-faith action at the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Burgfield

Participate in an interfaith action on Monday 27th June at the Atomic Weapons Establishment, Burghfield near Reading.

The action will be part of a month of nonviolent direct actions taken by different groups, coordinated by Trident Ploughshares: http://tridentploughshares.org/june-2016-a-month-of-daily-direct-action-...

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