Multi-Voiced Church by Stuart and Sian Murray Williams

Due for publication by Paternoster in June 2012 - Multi-Voiced Church by Sian and Stuart Murray Williams. The New Testament indicates that the early churches were multi-voiced, participative and expected that the Holy Spirit would speak through all the members of the community. First-generation renewal movements (such as the Anabaptists) have typically also been multi-voiced, recovering this New Testament characteristic. But institutionalisation (often accompanied by clericalisation) has persistently reduced such diversity of participation and resulted in many aspects of church life becoming mono-voiced or restricted to only a few voices. This book surveys the history of mono-voiced and multi-voiced expressions of church, offers a biblical and missional basis for advocating and encouraging multi-voiced church, and explores practical ways of developing multi-voiced communities today. Priced at £12.99 and available through the usual channels, copies also can be obtained (post-free) on request via the contact form on this website.